Yearbook ideas

Daring Dividers

5 April 2016

Welcome back everybody! It’s the final term of the school year so let’s get yearbooking and make it awesome 🙂 Structuring your yearbook content can be tricky at times which is why I’ve been making some example divider pages for you to look at today. They very clearly introduce the new section whether that’s for larger groupings, such as profiles, awards etc, or marking the start of a new house or form group. Divider designs can be fairly simple to create (you just need a word or two on a page right?!) but for those of you looking to be a little more adventurous, here are some design ideas to whet your appetite…


Creating negative spaces and cut outs is a really simple thing to do and looks super slick. To create a page like this, add a large rectangular photo frame to the outer edge of the page. Now set you background to a flat colour (black or white will work best if you’re planning to use busy imagery with lots of colours down the side). Now add a text box and rotate this so it sits along the edge of your image frame. Adjust the font colour to match your background and voila, you have a divider page.


I’m so in love with this background, so happy we have it for this year as I just know it’s going to be super popular! To make this delightful looking page, you’ll want to start by adding the confetti background which you’ll find in the theme area. For this design to really work, you’ll need a high resolution copy of your school logo saved as a png image with transparent background. Add your logo and then add a fill shape in the same colour as your logo.  If you can find other versions of your logo like the sketchy one in the top corner, add these on too to create a little more texture in your design 😀

For something a little different, try adding quotes or interesting section titles rather than single word intros. Shorter text is best for impact so things like ‘reach for the stars’, ‘saved by the bell’ and so on will look fab here!

Can’t wait to see your designs!

the AYB team