High quality yearbooks. Lots to customise.

High quality, hard-wearing laminated hardback cover.

Compact, convenient & environmentally friendly B5 size.

Powerful creation tools allow you to create beautiful pages easily.

Everything printed on luxuriously thick, silky paper.

Hardback yearbook from online creator

A feast of designs to choose from.

Choose from dozens of layouts and themes or create your own.
Mix profiles, collages, awards and articles on the same page. No limits to how many people per page.
Example Profiles yearbook spread


Group students by classes and start with a pic of the class and a blurb by their teacher.

Example Profiles yearbook spread


Go photo crazy! There's no limit to how many pics per profile, or to how many words.

Example Profiles yearbook spread


Customise layouts to create exactly what you want. Every page can be different.

Example Collages yearbook spread


Drag and drop pics to create the perfect layout for your pages. Transparent PNGs supported too.

Example Collages yearbook spread


Start with a simple grid and optionally highlight your favourite pics. Add text too.

Example Collages yearbook spread


Add titles and snazzy frames. Crop, pan and zoom individual pics.

Example Awards yearbook spread


Use our quick and powerful drag and drop tools to build attractive awards pages.

Example Awards yearbook spread


We have a range of backgrounds appropriate for all kinds of pages.

Example Awards yearbook spread


Every page is completely customisable by you. Fully supported by our team via online chat.

Make your yearbooks extra special.

Upgrade to one of our premium yearbooks for cover engraving, printed endpapers and a bookmark ribbon.
Choose premium laminated hardbacks for an extra £5, or leatherette hardbacks for an extra £6 per copy.
  • Yearbook Hardback cover engraving

    Hardback cover engraving

    Your crest/logo and some text is cast into a metal block, which is then used to press your choice of metallic foil onto the cover.

  • Yearbook Printed endpapers

    Printed endpapers

    These are immediately inside your front and back covers, and lie near-flat making them ideal for large photos.

  • Yearbook Bookmark ribbon

    Bookmark ribbon

    Bookmark ribbons are secured to the inside of the spine and add a beautiful finishing touch to your books.

  • Yearbook Leatherette cover

    Leatherette cover

    Want a timeless classic? Choose a leatherette cover instead of a printed laminated design for an additional £1.

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Yearbooks Q&A.

What does making a yearbook involve?

Your yearbook project will showcase your creativity, organisation and time management skills.

Do you only offer B5 books?

Yes. We stopped producing A4 books in 2012 as our new B5 format makes hardbacks much more affordable and is a more standard size compared to other books on a bookshelf.

Is one piece of paper counted as one or two pages?

Two. Each side of a sheet of paper is counted as one page, like page numbers in a book.

How long does printing and delivery take?

We have super fast production times to ensure you have your books in good time. Our hardbacks and paperbacks take just 2 weeks for print and delivery, or add an extra week for our premium hardbacks (outside UK mainland is longer).

Can I have endpapers without an engraving or ribbon?

Yes, but you would still need to pay the full £5 extra per book for the premium package, so we recommend taking the whole package for the best value.

I have another question...

Our support team is available 8.15am to 4.15pm Monday to Friday by phone, email and online chat. We pride ourselves on fast response times and holding your hands throughout the whole process. More about support.