Privacy policy

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Last updated 30th August 2016

At AllYearbooks Limited, considering the nature of the service we offer, we take privacy concerns extremely seriously. Customers who have specific privacy concerns and queries not answered here are encouraged to speak to a member of AllYearbooks staff by phone or email. You may also wish to follow the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) recommendations on how to raise a concern with an organisation.

AllYearbooks Limited is registered with the ICO as required by the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) since 16th June 2006, registration number Z861788X.

Under the DPA we must:

  • use personal information fairly and lawfully;
  • collect only the information necessary for a specific purpose(s);
  • ensure it is relevant, accurate and up to date;
  • only hold as much as you need, and only for as long as you need it;
  • allow the subject of the information to see it on request; and
  • keep it secure.

We endeavour to follow the above points as carefully as possible, as detailed in the following questions and answers.

Why do you collection information from me?
We collect information in order to create content for yearbooks, rather than for unlawful means or to sell to third parties.

Why are you collecting information about me on X, Y or Z?
Yearbooks are packed with photos and text, so there is a lot of information we need to collect in order to achieve this. In addition, in order to upload the information, one needs to have an account that can be logged in to, using an email address and password.

How long do you keep my information?
Once your yearbook has been printed (or abandoned) we will keep all the information online for that yearbook for the following academic year, in case some of that information and ideas from it would be useful the following year. Following that (allowing up to six months longer), your yearbook and all the information in it will be deleted from our servers. In addition, we keep backup copies of your information in our offices to enable us to refer to previous yearbooks. Also in addition, we keep information related to your account online for the use of our staff in our CRM and email systems, though this information relates to the editors and teachers who organise the books, not the non-editorial students (except where those students may be discussed by teachers or editors in emails and other correspondence with us).

Where is my data stored?
Our main servers are in France, and we also have backups and other data stored at our office in the UK. We also have out-of-office backups which are encrypted. Email correspondence may be stored outside of the EU. PDFs of your yearbook will also be stored at our trusted printers for no more than 6 months after going to print, and they know to treat both digital and physical copies as confidential.

How is my data secured?
We take active measures to secure our servers to keep your data safe. While data stored at rest on our servers is unencrypted (with the exception of passwords which are salted and hashed), all communication with our servers (by customers, staff, printers and backup processes) is fully encrypted. Backup data is stored securely both online and offline, encrypted when not in our offices.

Do you treat printed yearbooks as public documents available for sale?
No, we treat them as private documents, not available for purchase by the general public. We may show a yearbook to a potential customer in person, but will never allow them to keep that copy and neither would we send a yearbook for one organisation to a different organisation or person. If a person says they would like a copy of a book we will first contact the organisation we created the book for to ensure they are happy for us to sell/send a copy of that book to the person.

How will you use my data for marketing and sales purposes?
Potential customers love to see previous customers' covers, pages and other ideas to help inspire them, but we are very careful about how we do this in a way that is respectful to your personal information. We are careful to ensure that individuals's names and photos are not shown together, and when showing pages as more than barely-legible thumbnails we blur or anonymise personal information, including photos.

Can you permanently delete all my data?
Mostly, yes. If we receive a specific request to delete data for an individual or for an entire yearbook then we will endeavour to complete this request in a timely fashion. However, we also keep copies of information for backup purposes and we would not be able to delete the information from those backups, but we do keep those backups offline in a secure location.

Will you share my personal information, photos and other data with third parties?
No, we will not share, sell or provide any of your information with third parties, except where necessary to complete the task of creating your yearbooks and where necessary by law enforcement or where other legal requests are made of us. For example, we will send your completed yearbook (which includes your personal information) to our printers, and we will store your personal information on servers which we rent from other companies.

If you feel we haven’t taken your privacy fully into concern, please let us know and we shall try to rectify the situation.