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How to make a photo scavenger hunt page :)

9 March 2016

Whilst everyone says ‘ come back and see us’, going back to your old high school isn’t really the done thing. I left school 16 years ago and to this day, I’ve not been back. To help you remember all of those fun and quirky things you loved and hated about your school, why not host a photo scavenger hunt for leavers! They’re super fun and everyone gets a camera full of happy snaps to remember the school by too 🙂


To make a scavenger hunt page for your yearbook, you’ll need to first put on your thinking caps and write a list of things to include. Things like your locker, school hall, the music room where you learnt to play a xylophone (is there anyone out there really playing these!?), the quad area and so on, will remind you of great memories with friends in years to come!


Now to design the page…

For this design, I’ve used these bold and beautiful banners and some simple text boxes – that’s it! You’re only making a list after all so there’s nothing too technical to worry about 😀

the AYB team