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Creative contents pages

25 March 2016

Every book starts with a single right hand page and this is a great space for things like editors notes, messages from the headteacher or something more structural like a contents page. Contents pages can be a little dull so I’ve been looking at ways to liven them up using some fab design tools and techniques!


This contents page has a real vintage feel to it thanks to the handwritten style font and the filter on this photo. If you’ve only got one photo to go a page, fragmenting your image can be a really effective way of filling the page fully and giving your layout a more professional finish. Once you’ve created your photo frame, be sure to use the duplicate feature to copy the sizing exactly 🙂 This can be done by clicking onto the shape and then pressing Ctrl + D on your keyboard!


If you want to incorporate a little more colour, why not opt for a subtle watercolour background. Watercolour effects are huuuge at the moment so jump on board with this latest trend and set the tone for your following pages. Don’t forget, you don’t need to include every page number on your contents pages- a general idea of where the sections start is usually enough for reader to jump to the right area of the book 🙂


If you’re completely stuck for ideas, have a look at things you like to read and how they handle their own contents pages. You might find a magazine-like layout works wonders with the rest of your yearbook theming and they look super polished too!

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the AYB team