Yearbook ideas

In my locker….

27 December 2015


I remember my last day of school well and I especially remember saying goodbye to my old locker (well binning most of the rubbish that had found it’s way into there over my 2 years in upper school)! Your locker is an extension of you so why not investigate what’s in there and make some cool pages from your findings like these ones!

Boys Locker Page

Making a page like this is super simple to do. Just jot down what you want to appear and do a quick search online for some images. Once again, I’d suggest having a look for PNG files so search ‘pencils PNG’ as this will bring up more images with transparent backgrounds. You can then use the arrows from our PNG elements and title text boxes to annotate your page!

Girls Locker Page

Happy yearbooking everyone and I’ll be back soon with more yearbook chat and page ideas 😀