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How computer set up effects your yearbook preview

15 April 2016


If you’ve used different computers throughout your project, you may have noticed a slight colour variation in your book depending on which computer you’re viewing it on. How you view the yearbook is affected by your monitor settings which results in this variation- things like your screens brightness, contrast and general calibration are constantly changing the way our eyes view data on screen so don’t be alarmed 🙂 Your colour palettes aren’t changing but we do recommend using one machine to complete your proof to avoid any confusion.

If there are a group of you working on the project, it’s best to get together and choose the colour palette together. If you’re all using different machines, what you deem the right colour might appear slightly off on your friends computer for example! Cue hours of discussion about the colour blue and no-one really wants that!


As colour is so subjective, the best and most accurate way to colour match is to sample a colour you want to use and then use input the hex code straight into your colour palette for an exact match. If you’re unsure how to do this, do get in touch and we can help 🙂

the AYB team