Yearbook ideas

Making Trend Pages

14 December 2015


You probably spotted our Trends page in your sample book so I was keen to show you all how to make something similar. First thing you need to do is make a note of what’s hot and what’s not right now. If you’re going for a trends page, think about the different games, apps and fashions that have been and gone over the years 🙂

Now hit the web and have a look for some images to go with your fads and trends. When you search online, try searching for your subject matter then add PNG file to the end of the search. This way you’re more likely to get images with transparent backgrounds so you’ll have more freedom to design and get creative with layering content!

Now upload all of your PNG files or JPGs to your book and play around with nice bright colours to add some vibrancy to the page! I’ve used the palette below and topped this with some bright orange PNG banners 🙂


By adding coloured blocks and layering white text over this, we’ve created this slick cut-out effect that’s bang on trend with magazine style layouts and design! Having bold splashes of colour coming in from the sides of your pages will give your layout a really playful feel and you can develop these colour blocks into a theme for your whole yearbook 😀