Yearbook ideas

What a performance! Remembering your school shows and plays…

20 December 2015


When I was at school I had the terrifying experience of performing on stage a whopping three times. I was pretty much the opposite to a drama kid but my friends encouraged me to be in at least one school play over the years. I gave a somewhat wooden appearance as a narrator in Charlie and the Chocolate factory which was enough for me to decide that the stage was not the place for me!! For those of you who are into the arts and love to be in every show going though, creating a few montages for the performances is a nice addition for your yearbook. Cast and crew spend a lot of hours working to put these shows together so be sure to celebrate your talented actors in your yearbook montages 😀

Usually school have a few photos of the shows that have taken place so speak to your drama teachers about where to find these and then top up with those taken by friends and parents 🙂 Backgrounds with stars and red curtains are the most commonly used ones for performances and you can add titles and show logos in .PNG format if you can find them!