Yearbook ideas

Using your infobooks to plan your project

28 January 2016


Hey everybody 🙂 I hope January hasn’t been too stressful for you what with mock exams going on! Today I wanted to briefly chat about making the most of your infobooks as you create your yearbooks as these little paperbacks are the hero of your sample pack! Containing info relating to budgeting, fundraising, photography and how to choose the perfect layouts etc, they should be your go-to-guide at the start of your yearbook meetings.

We want you to feel calm and in control throughout your yearbook project so do make use of the handy note sections in the guide to record important ideas, key dates and to-do plans. If you’re a super busy bunch, you might also like to download our free printable wall calendar from the resources area – scribble your print deadlines down and also make a note of school holidays and other commitments that might affect how much time you have to yearbook.

A crucial page for you pay attention to is the ‘Things we’ll need from you’ page on page 32. To help your project run smoothly, it’s important that we can contact you, your finance team and your staff proof-reader. We won’t harass you I promise but it’s important that we can let you know of potential print problems, chase outstanding invoices for you and follow up on that all important final sign off on the project.  If you fail to provide these details in advance of your print deadline, this could affect when you get your book to print and have a knock-on effect on your delivery date!

As you continue on with your project, you might find you have spare pages left over and this is where our hardback sample really steps back into the foreground. We’ve made loads of different page types for you this year so you can see what’s possible on our amazing online system. What’s more, I’ll be adding even more ideas to this blog and our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts throughout the year so do keep an eye out for bonus content!

If you ever have any questions regarding your project, or if you’d like to know how to make any of the pages shown in the sample book, just give us a shout. You can reach us by phone, email, instant chat and now via Whatsapp too 😀