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1 July 2016


It has been a crazy few weeks in the office here as we get those final end of term projects off to print! Thank you to so many members and editors who have taken the time to give us lots of feedback on their experiences this year. We aim to make yearbooking as stress-free as possible and love hearing your ideas – you might have even seen your idea become a new feature already! As we approach the end of term, we’d love to hear from more of you about what you enjoyed (and what you didn’t) and we’ll use this to shape what’s on offer for future editors 🙂  Just fill out the short survey that will land in your inbox and you may also find yourself featured on our testimonials page 🙂

For those of you still working on your project, we’re still on hand for popular summer, results day and graduation day hand out plans! If you’ve not started your project yet, why not seize the day and get started here:

Similarly, if you’re looking to get started on your 2017 project, come and say hello 🙂 It’s never too early to register your interest and we can get samples and information about our popular early-bird discounts over to you too!

the AYB team