Yearbook ideas

Cool ideas for a leavers book: 2023/24

4 December 2023

Making a school leavers yearbook that stands out and captures the essence of your time in school is a rewarding creative process. The key is using a provider that is tapped into current trends, with designs that kids will know and love and that are simple to use to create personalised yearbooks.

Things to consider:

• Templates and Designs: on trend and of the moment is the key here. What are they watching? What music do they listen to? What is fashionable? Great templates make great leavers year books.

• Innovative Content: fun content, not just loads of text. Great photos, school photos, quotes and great anecdotes. Get students to leave kind words and memories of each other too and be sure to use extracurricular achievements too. Being candid helps to make a personalised yearbook more poignant.

• Personalisation: Personalise each yearbook by allowing students to add their own messages or signatures. Consider adding a section for personal reflections on the school journey, future aspirations, and farewell messages. Give people the freedom to express themselves in their yearbook, it will be more meaningful, and we all know that we want to encourage individuality.

• Make It Unique: unique touches, such as custom illustrations, inside jokes, or even a section dedicated to the school’s history, can add depth and character to your leavers book. Make sure to find a way to reflect the personality of the school and class as a whole – it’s that feeling that leavers take with them.

If you want to see some real inspiration for a school yearbook project then look no further….here at AllYearBooks we have a superb design selection to choose from – reflective of modern pop culture and more.

Remember, your leavers book is a reflection of your school experience, so let your creativity shine and create something that resonates with your graduating class.